Corrugated plastic core, single-sided finished aluminum face

Econolite is a strong, aluminum composite panel with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core that will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water, or delaminate even under prolonged water exposure.

Featuring a single-sided, finished surface of high-gloss factory baked polyester painted aluminum, Econolite is also backed with an unpainted aluminum sheet for added balance. The painted surface is warranted not to crack, chip, flake, or peel.

  • Econolite has all the benefits of Alumalite but with only one finished aluminum side; Alumalite has two finished sides

  • Ideal for paints, digital inks (both UV or solvent cured), screen print inks, and pressure-sensitive vinyl

  • Strong and lightweight

  • Routs and cuts easily using standard carpentry tools

  • Wind-resistant—when properly fastened between two posts, Econolite can withstand winds over 120 mph

  • Weather-resistant with a "Class A" flame spread rating. The surface is formulated to resist outdoor dirt and is practically "self-cleaning"

  • Field-tested through extensive freeze/thaw cycling tests with no significant structural panel failure


  • Availability

    Thickness Size Colors

    6mm (1/4") *



    10mm (3/8")









    4' x 8'

    4' x 10'


    4' x 8'

    4' x 10'

    5' x 8'

    5' x 10'







    Silver Metallic

    Ivy Green

    Sunset Red

    Candy Apple Red

    Royal Blue

    Regal Bronze

    Brite Yellow

    Sand Beige


    Matte Black

    Raven Black




    all other colors and sizes available upon request


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