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Grip-Gard® BC Basecoat is designed specifically to meet the color, applciation and quality demands of the Sign and Exhibit Manufacturers. With extremely fast tape times and tremendous range of solid, metallic and pearl colors, Grip-Gard BC Basecoat must be used in conjunction with Grip-Gard BC Clearcoat in order to provide protection from the environment. 

Grip-Gard® BC Basecoat System

  • Additional Information

    The Grip-Gard® BC System offers leading technology and fastest dry times int he industry; backed by an unparalleled written warranty. Designed for flexibility, the single set of toners and multiple binders cover any interior or exterior application. 


    Features Benefits
    Superior color match capability, including metallic and pearls Right color every time
    Leading Pigment and Resin Technology Fastest dry times int he industry with long lasting performance
    Basecoat/Single Stage/Ranslucent Systems us a Single Toner Set Unlmited flexibility for the full-service sign shop
    Best-in-Class Industry Warranty Assurance of Global commitment to quality and performance



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