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Grip-Gard® BC Translucent used a specially blended binder which converts Grip-Gard® BC toners into a fast drying, durable backlit sign coating. With this system, backlit plastic signs can be painted quickly and easily with great results in a vast array of colors. 

Grip-Gard® BC Translucent

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    Utilizing the superior color capability and versatility of the Grip-Gard® BC System, Grip-Gard® BC Translucent takes backlit plastic painting to the next level.


    Features Benefits
    Superior Pigment and Resin Techonolgy Use on average 1/3 less coats than tradtional translucent sign paints
    Superior Sprayability Achieve consistent finishes with the toughest colors, even hard to spray colors like dark green and blue
    Superior Value Because Grip-Gard® BC Translucent is a component of the Grip-Gard® BC System, it eliminates the need for separate paint systems for plastic and other substrates


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