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INFINITY® Styrene Faced Foamboard


Superior Cutting & Routing plus 3D Cold-Bendability


INFINITY®‘s high end foam cuts cleaner and 30% faster on digital cutting equipment like ZÜND®.


(Cutting guidelines for ZÜND® and other digital equipment are available in our Resource Library)


INFINITY® is a 100% styrene, bendable board which can be printed, shipped flat, then cold bent to set up into a 3D presentation, or even wrapped around a pole.  INFINITY® weighs 22% less, making it lighter to handle, lighter to ship!


All of this makes it the perfect board for screen printing, shipping, visual merchandising, trade show and point-of-purchase displays.


Smoothest Printing Surface


INFINITY® is made with a proprietary digital grade styrene surface which eliminates post production cleaning or any additional preparation prior to printing which increases printing speed, efficiency and profits. There are modifiers that have been added to the styrene that promote ink adhesion and the foam has 2.5x the density of other competitive foams. Our smoother surface means 7% less ink is required for complete coverage.  Less production cost!


Part of the ColorOne™ White Point Management System


INFINITY®’s surface sheets that maintain their color under incandescent, fluorescent or ultraviolet light. INFINITY® is part of the Gilman Brothers ColorOne™ White Point Management System. ColorOne™ ensures optimum printing performance and consistency across all Gilman Brothers board products of direct-printable foamboard and specialty graphics board by matching the surfaces of the board by their degree of whiteness. Surface liner materials and coatings have been carefully selected to derive consistent white balance and optimum surface properties for printing, truly making the printed colors accurate when exact match of logos is vital.


100% Recyclable, Made in the USA


Gilman Brothers launched INFINITY® in October 2014 and continues to change the printing industry: first with the board, then easel, recyclable displays and now a 3mm thickness, developed as an alternative to Sintra® and Komatex®. INFINITY® 3mmis the only green, 100% recyclable product–in this category of EPVA–making it the logical choice over any other expanded PVC. AND it is 100% manufactured in the USA using 100% USA produced raw materials.

Infinity Board

  • Additional Information


    All configurations of Black and White

    3mm available in White



    Min: 3mm

    Max: 1”



    Min: 16” x 20”

    Max: 60” x 192”

    3mm x 48″ x 192″

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