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The Single Face Body has a hingeable retainer that allows access to service the sign. The retainer has provisions for a hanger bar and Corner Keys. Corner Key slots provide ease of assembly and added structure. It is available in Mill Finish and Dark Bronze.

Single Face Body - 8 1/4" Deep

  • Answers to FAQs

    • Retainer accepts up to 3/16” thick face material.
    • Face material trim size - Deduct 3/8” from the cabinet height & width.
    • Visible opening - Deduct 3” from the cabinet height & width.
    • Add 1” to the direction of the lamps to allow for Standard T-12 bulbs to fit.
    • Recommended lamp spacing every 10” on center.
    • 1-1/2” Retainer is not engineered to integrate with the Divider System or the Frame Brace/Frame
    • Support Tube assemblies.
    • The 1-1/2” Retainer is typically limited to 32
    • square feet (4’ x 8’).
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