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LED illumination for single or double-sided sign boxes


SloanLED SignBOX products are synonymous with the perfect grid of light for optimum, even illumination, and our latest offering, SignBOX 3, is the most brilliant yet. Micro prism lens technology delivers bright, uniform illumination and allows wider spacing in new or retrofit sign cabinets. Available in single or double-sided options, modules are mounted on a carrier panel, eliminating the need for a mounting substrate, saving both time and money during the installation process.


  • Illuminates 5" (125 mm) from face
  • Available in single and double-sided options
  • 24 VDC loading allows 48 single-sided modules or 24 double-sided modules per power supply for maximum efficiency and fewer power supplies
  • Mounted on flexible straps for easy transportation and installation, saving time and money


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