When space is at a premium, our bi-fold is a solution.


Celesta's streamlined design provides a refined, unencumbered experience and complements almost any bathroom décor. Celesta is for those who seek ambiance over attention. Basco's most luxurious product. Celesta heavy glass enclosures feature special glass & finishes and various hardware options. 


Glass, glorious 3/16" glass. Classic enclosures use innovative engineering to create a suspended glass look to complement sophisticated bath decors.

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Deluxe possesses proven performance. These enclosures surpass the competition with their quality and additional features.

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Infinity enclosures prove that less is more. The quarter-inch thick glass features polished edges for a beautiful balance of elegance and performance.

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The Logik line pairs reliable function with basic design. We bring our years of experience and expertise to every door, even the most basic.


Have a spa experience at home. We offer our experience in creating seal tight enclosures for your shower, sauna or steam room. Our innovative gasket system helps you create a private world of relaxation.

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A departure from standard framed models. Supreme has a rounded framing that conveys elegance and stability. Supreme enclosures take the modern principles of design and transform your enclosures from function to beauty.

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More glass and less metal. The Thinline enclosures create a spacious appearance. Basco's Thinline door and panel configurations allow you to customize your shower enclosure to the shape of your bathroom.

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